ISMS D23 Manila is an advanced records management solution for Philippine private schools. Users can customize its features to fit the specific needs of their school.

The system covers Basic Education (K-12) and Higher Education, offering various applications integrated into a single workspace. Each functionality, whether student database or school office accounting, has a built-in audit trail to ensure data integrity.

ISMS D23 Manila builds on the foundation of its previous iterations. It’s an advanced network database software for efficiently managing school records. The system is built for private schools, understands the needs of Philippine schools, and is customizable for a public school setup.

User-friendly and reliable technology created by a team of Filipino developers with a heart and passion for improving the country’s education sector.

Our Team

A group of friends has been in software development for years, building systems for schools, cooperatives, and private and government offices. Finally, we formed and registered our company in 2018 to focus on improving the country’s private schools. Our commitment is to become the benchmark of school management technology and support.

Members of our team are highly trained and qualified IT professionals specializing in software development, deployment, and implementation. We also have consultants in the areas of business, finance, education, and technology.

Marlon Magapan

He’s been into app development for decades. He built the foundations of D23 Manila.

Kelvene Requiroso

A tech writer by profession and a fictionist, he takes the helm of the sales team.

We are ISMS!

Leading the path of your school to success.

Software development is our passion. The group started in 2002 as freelancers, as we always love freelancing. In a little over three years, we disbanded only to regroup in 2012. Again, we worked as freelancers, developing applications as a sideline job.

We finally registered the company in 2018 and engaged with clients regularly. We made the integrated school management system our flagship product.

Today, ISMS offers Philippine private schools a school management system, online registration, and learning management platform.

We move education better and differently.