Many private schools nationwide saw a drop in enrollment during the 2022-2023 academic year, mainly due to the health crisis. The economic effects of the pandemic have forced parents to enroll their children in crowded public schools. But we hope this trend to reverse soon as we see families getting back on their feet.    

As the current school year approaches its end, it would be the right time to consider intensifying the preparation for the next. 

Boost your school’s efficiency and productivity with a management system that helps administrators, faculty, and staff save time in manual processes. 

ISMS D23 Manila is a powerful enterprise resource planning platform built for private schools capable of processing student records, automating clerical tasks, and easing the burdens of school administrators, teachers, and staff with a wide range of user-friendly modular applications. 

ISMS is unique because it: 

  1. Works without needing an internet connection but is accessible online;  
  2. Processes an unlimited number of student records and has no data cap;  
  3. Can perform per-client customization based on the specific needs of the school;  
  4. Offers a perpetual license after five years that allows free use of the system;  
  5. Integrates Basic Education (K-12) and Higher Education with an array of modules into a single platform;  
  6. Executes faster deployment and implementation, including user training; and 
  7. Employs rapid development technology that enables real-time modification.   

For more information, please visit our website: or call us at the following numbers: 63 905 394 2626 and 63 969 297 2796. Should you request a product demo, click here. I have also attached our proposal for your school and a digital brochure.

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