A tool makes life easy for school administrators, whether it be generating reports, analyzing data, or making crucial decisions. With a school management platform, you can perform tasks and view information from various departments, such as the registrar, finance, library, faculty, guidance, and even the school canteen. Thanks to the power of advanced technology. 

Taking advantage of technology in educational management will do wonders for how a school is being run, removing siloed operations between departments. And looking at the context of the Philippines, the schools must be at the forefront in adopting technology for a conducive learning environment, school administration, and records management. 

What is a school management system?

School management software is a platform by which every aspect of school administration undergoes a digital transformation, automating all processes from student registration and assessment to data management and reporting. Thus, it provides school administrators with a better understanding of the state of the school through data-driven insights. 

With a system in place, the efficiency of processes and service delivery dramatically improves. It is what Integrated School Management System (ISMS) technology is all about. D23 Manila, the latest iteration of ISMS technology, can do a lot of wonders for your school. 

What can ISMS do?  

We received inquiries from different schools around the country, and the most common question is this: What can your school management system do? The answer is — a lot. 

ISMS can do the following:

For the school administrators

  1. Provide the school administrator easy access to all information — finance, enrollment, assessment, class records, library, inventory, employee, etc.
  2. Monitor financial flows, enrollment, school activities, compliance requirements, etc.
  3. Allows the school administrator and decision-makers to view the assets, financial health, and overall business performance. 
  4. Improve student services by speeding up document processing and release. 
  5. Process student records more efficiently, eliminating siloed processes between departments.

For the staff

  1. Simplify documentation processes from student registration to financial reporting. 
  2. Ease the burden off the staff — registrar, cashier, guidance counselor, canteen manager, librarian, etc. — saving time and effort from manual tasks.  
  3. Manage the crowd and long lines during enrollment and payment periods. 
  4. Ease the load of the registrar during registration periods with simplified process flows and accelerated information processing. Manage subjects, units, and schedules. 
  5. The cashier will not be doing manual input or writing receipts by hand. From assessment to payment, everything is in one place. Process the transaction in a few clicks.
  6. Add students and create student accounts and generate assessments in a minute. All student records are in a master file for reference and easy access. 
  7. View student information quickly by categories, such as school year, gender, level, course, section, or program of study. 
  8. Automate the guidance office and clinic to make records more organized, safe, and easy to access.
  9. Monitor student birthdays on the dashboard (the names of birthday celebrants can also be displayed on the monitor for everyone to see.) 
  10.  Edit accounts or view SOAs, issue CORs, perform balance inquiries, and automatically create billings and send them via email.
  11.  Generate collection reports in a few clicks and search information per user or account name. 
  12.  Offers a multi-cashiering payment reception with a queuing system and automates official receipt series printing. 
  13.  View and edit payments. And in case of errors, a security feature is in place for fixing erroneous inputs. 
  14.  Leverage accounting features, including charts of accounts, disbursements, daily cash positions, and profit and loss. 
  15.  Track all the assets of the school — search assets by category, location, and department. 
  16.  Manage the library’s book holdings — catalogs, booklists, and entry forms, and store digital/digitized copies of your books in the repository.

For the faculty

  1. Help teachers and guidance counselors monitor a child’s progress — academic and behavioral patterns. 
  2. The principal will have an overall view of the performances of students and teachers. 
  3. Teachers don’t need to check attendance or conduct roll calls — once the student checks in, information is accessible through the teacher’s portal. 
  4. Easier for the teacher to manage their class records — although they can opt to keep their manual class records. 
  5. Manage student grades more efficiently. With predetermined factors and numerical weight, transmute grades automatically.
  6. Generate and print report cards in a few clicks, and put records in the database for future reference.   

For the parents

  1. Parents can check their children’s performance by viewing student grades and assessments in the dedicated parents portal. 
  2. There is no need to wait in long lines to transact payments or request their children’s records.
  3. Make quick inquiries about the progress of their children both academically and behavior-wise.

For the students

  1. Students can log in at the school’s entrance gate for attendance. 
  2. In the library, they can log in to their accounts and view the history of their transactions, such as books borrowed and returned. 
  3. Have a free and more exciting learning environment since the teacher has more time to do preparations. 
  4. Enjoy speedy student services, sparing themselves from long queues.
  5. Take pride in their school’s technology upgrades.  

ISMS has other capabilities, including human resource management, queuing system, audit trail, canteen management, certifications, compliance & reporting (PEAC, DepEd, CHED), books and inventory, higher ed, and more. 

There’s a lot to explore in ISMS’s D23 Manila. 

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