The benefits of ISMS integrated school management system are a huge boost to improve the school’s resource planning and decision-making.

Like any organization, running a school involves resource planning, which requires drawing insights from information about all the processes for better decision-making. And this is where a school management system comes in.  

By school management system, we mean integrating all aspects of school administration, from records management to reporting. And it’s what ISMS D23 Manila does best.  

Here are some benefits of the D23 Manila school management system of ISMS: 

1. Speed up administrative processes

For the registrar and students alike, enrollment, for instance, has always been painfully slow with manual processes. Automation accelerates the enrollment procedure from thirty minutes to two minutes. Or, managing student information and the school’s financial data, with ISMS D23 Manila, the user can perform a few clicks and get reports immediately. 

2. Easy access to information

School administrators, staff from different departments, and teachers can quickly access the data, such as student information, financials, accounts, student grades, assessments, and even school assets.

3. Increase operational efficiency

Automating processes increases not only speed but also efficiency. Letting technology take over the computational tasks minimizes human errors associated with manual processes.  

4. Save time and costs

With sped-up processes and increased efficiency, a school management system is an effective tool to shorten the time spent on a task, therefore, save on costs. Instead of three to five persons doing the manual tasks, the tech can perform the same job with precision and speed.  

5. Make better decisions

School administrators can plan activities and allocate resources more effectively with the appropriate information. ISMS D23 Manila allows users to gain insights from data for better decisions and actions.

6. Enhance the overall user experience

The registrar’s office will have their load lightened in recording and accessing student information. A school administrator will have quick access to all information about everything recorded, things that happened within the school. Electronic class records and grade management help unload the burden of teachers. Parents and students will not need to line in long queues when registering or paying; they can also access student grades. 

7. Another revenue stream 

Most private schools in the Philippines receive government grants and subsidies. They also collect miscellaneous and other fees. With a school management platform, the school can justify the payment. Also, PEAC recertification requires schools to adopt an information management system.   

These are only some benefits a school can get from acquiring an integrated school management system like what ISMS offers — a user-friendly, on-premise, and role-based application. With its advanced database technology, a school can take advantage of the platform’s value for time, money, and investments. 

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