With newly added features, D23 Manila unleashes the potential of what an integrated school management system can do.  

ISMS.ph launches its latest D23 Manila, an integrated school management system designed to meet the specific needs of Philippine private schools. 

D23 Manila is the latest iteration of the company’s school management platform. It’s the first of the series that takes the names of the versions from the country’s major cities — Manila, Cebu, Davao, and so on.  

Managing school and student records can be overwhelming, yet it’s the heart and soul of an educational institution. D23 Manila delivers a complete set of integrated solutions for managing data, processes, and operations. The aim is to lighten the burden on school administrators and teachers. 

Building on the foundations of its previous iterations, the platform adds two significant patches to its modules: Higher Ed and Asset Management. 

Private schools throughout the country can now leverage the locally-developed school management system. And that is, should they wish to improve their data processes, school records, and operations. 

Mr. Marlon ‘Bong’ Magapan, the company’s CTO, has emphasized the system’s accessibility to users. “D23 Manila is simple and easy to use, and schools can also take advantage of its profitability, using it as another source of revenue,” he said. 

ISMS.ph is now in its fourth year in software development for the education sector. The company seeks to become the benchmark of school management technology in the Philippines and beyond.

For more information or to request a free demo, contact ISMS today.

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